Sweat Dovetails

Sweating the Details

When I talk to woodworkers about drawers, particularly dovetail joinery, I mention the transition that occurs as we moved from one furniture period to the next. In general, dovetails became a drawer-joinery method during the William & Mary period; woodworkers had used dovetails earlier, but they became more widely used during the period that...

What starts as a piece of iron bar is within half a day transformed by Peter into a gorgeous set of dividers (above).

Learn how to Forge a Compass with Peter Ross

Peter Ross’s blacksmith and whitesmith work is unparalleled. I’d wax prolific here, but instead, I’ll just share with you the entire story I wrote about him for our November 2012 issue, “Controlled Irregularity.” And, we’ve just released a DVD from Peter – the first in our new Blacksmithing for Woodworkers series – “Forging a...


Blacksmith-made Dividers, by Peter Ross

After a week of work (and a lot of fun) assisting Christopher Schwarz with his “Anarchist’s Tool Chest” class at Roy Underhill’s The Woodwright’s School, it was nice to slow down and spend some time with blacksmith/whitesmith Peter Ross before I made the 8.5-hour drive back to Cincinnati. Roy and Jane Underhill kindly offered...