David Charlesworth


Outreach for David Charlesworth

As many of you know, David Charlesworth had to drop out of his classes at Woodworking in America 2011 after he was hospitalized in Munich, Germany, for pneumonia. Click on this link for updates on his condition and information on how you can help David and his family with the expenses from this costly...


Learning Curves

A cambered cutting edge is essential for fine finishing cuts with a hand plane – and it has many other surprising uses. By David Charlesworth Pages: 53-59 From the August 2005 issue #149 Buy this issue now Plane blades that are sharpened straight and square are essential in all shoulder and rabbet planes, and...


Success With Scraper Planes

Understand and tune up one of the best weapons in the war against tearing. By David Charlesworth Pages: 42-45 From the June 2010 issue #183 Buy this issue now Scraper planes are some of my favorite tools, excellent for avoiding or removing tear-out whilst maintaining a flat surface. Card scrapers will remove tear-out, but...