Dale Barnard


Fearless Furniture in Indiana, See Dale Barnard’s Clock

Greene & Greene never designed a tall case clock, but Dale Barnard, one of our authors, designed and built a clock in the style. The Indiana State Museum has included Dale’s clock in the current exhibit “Fearless Furniture” that runs until May 27, 2014 in Indianapolis. Dale was one of the eminent woodworkers featured...

Roy Underhill November 2012 Popular Woodworking Magazine

Special Issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine for November 2012

Our publishing schedule is pretty straightforward, except for the confusing parts. We put out an issue every other month, starting in February. But the February issue is really January/February so it comes out at the end of December, the month before the cover date. Then there is an issue for April, June and August....


Arts & Crafts Through-tenons

Accurate work depends on three things: location, location and location. By Dale Barnard Pages: 34-37 From the June 2010 issue #183 Buy this issue now One of my favorite Arts & Crafts details is the through-tenon at the top of a table, bookcase or chair. When I was considering adding a joinery class to...