History of the Morris Chair

In the mid-1860s a carpenter in Sussex, England named Ephraim Colman had a brilliant idea, to make a chair with an adjustable back. The idea was sketched by Warrington Taylor, and adapted by Phillip Webb for a chair to be produced by William Morris and Company. Chairs have had a slow evolution, and the...

Sorry Grandma, But I’m Proud of That

I read a column about “professional blogging” the other day that mentioned a blog is the one place in journalism where it’s accepted practice to start with an anecdote about your grandmother. So here goes. I was raised that it was wrong, wrong, wrong to ever brag, boast or call undue attention to yourself....

Amazing Device for Laying out Complex Joints

It’s easy to talk yourself out of doing something that’s out of the ordinary. Woodworkers tend to worry and analyze things so much that they often settle for less, when doing things right isn’t that much of a stretch. A case in point is the curved rails on the back of a Morris chair....

April Comes Between Thanksgiving and New Years

Working on a magazine has some elements of science fiction, particularly in relation to the space/time continuum. Even though it’s late November, I’ve been working on a project for the April 2011 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine. Here is a “sausage factory tour” of how we select, design and build projects that appear in...

Dock Chair Leg Patterns

In the June 2009 issue of Popular Woodworking, we printed the patterns for the front and rear legs of the "Dock Chair." Instead of asking you to enlarge these patterns on a photocopy machine, you can download the below full-size pattern, print it off of any printer, and get right to work.

Make the mortises in the legs before you shape the curve near the bottom or make cutouts on the top.

Morris Chair

I don't care what they say about dogs, Morris chairs are a man's best friend. This reproduction of a Shop of the Crafters chair is sturdy and comfortable, as you can learn from these free woodworking plans..