Two Cherries Five Small Carving Tools & Leather Pouch

Here's a great gift idea for the beginning wood carver!Have you ever needed a very small carving tool for working in limited access or on very small pieces of work? Finally, Two Cherries has provided the solution! Small octagon handles fit comfortably in the hand, and the balance of handle to blade is perfect.


Decorative Carving

I’ve been making these wine bottle stoppers as gifts for the holiday season. They are a lot of fun to make on the lathe and it doesn’t take very long to knock a few of them out. I use an electric die grinder with a carbide bit for the decorative carving on the top...


Mushroom Carvings & Old Cats

I drove to Providence, R.I., last weekend with my 18-year-old cat Matias. I needed to pick up some tools and wood that were left behind – a router table, mortiser, an assortment of hand tools and some unique wood that had some sentimental value. I could make an argument that the tools and wood...

Carving Classes in Charleston

Charleston, S.C., is often overlooked. In the 18th century, it was an important place, on par with Philadelphia and Boston as a center of culture and furniture making. It’s still a wonderful place to visit, full of old mansions, excellent examples of period pieces and great seafood. It’s home to several period furniture makers,...