Campaign Chest


Visiting the Wellspring of Campaign Furniture

This week I’m in England doing research for my next book, “Campaign Furniture,” and spent today geeking out with Sean and Simon Clarke of Christopher Clarke Antiques – the world’s leading dealer of campaign antiquities. The Clarke brothers have handled thousands of pieces of campaign furniture built during two centuries of the peak of...


The Dumb Way to Teach Design

While I like and appreciate strict reproductions, I’ve always preferred to design my own stuff. How do I design a piece? In the only way I know how. It’s not easy. There are no formulas or rules or ratios. It is by a process I call “saturation and feedback.” Step 1: Absorb everything you...


Campaign Chest Questions Answered

The cover story for the August 2012 issue, the stunning campaign chest built by Christopher Schwarz, has already generated a lot of interest. And now, it’s easy to find the exact hardware Christopher used on the project. On the Horton Brasses home page, you’ll find a list of all the hardware, from the stock...