Bridge City

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The 2014 Would-be Sybarite’s Gift Guide: Day 1

Over on his blog, Christopher Schwarz has been writing the 2014 Anarchist’s Gift Guide since Dec, 1. I’m starting a little late with my 2014 Sybarite’s Gift Guide…because too much self-indulgence leads to blackouts (apparently), and causes one to not realize it’s already a new month. Like Chris’s, the woodworking-related gift ideas I’ll be...


A New Cornerstone: The Bridge City TS-2v2 Try Square

Last year, I spent several weeks editing a museum book for Bridge City Tool Works: “Quality is Contagious: John Economaki & Bridge City Tool Works, 36 Years Through the Lens of Joe Felzman.” It might just be the most gorgeous woodworking book ever published – and I’ve published some pretty ones myself. As I...


Thank You, to Some Generous Toolmakers

Last week, I posted a short video about a visit with John Economaki’s tool making class at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking. The purpose of the visit was to take photographs for a story John’s written for our October 2011 issue, on making the TS-2 Try Square – one of the tools on...