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5 Mistakes Beginners Make with Block Planes

When I teach beginners, one of the most common phrases I hear is, “I cannot get this (insert tool name) to work. What’s wrong?” They hand the tool to me and the fun begins. Though block planes are dirt-simple handplanes, there are some important points about them that are rarely discussed in the literature....


Tool Test: Lie-Nielsen Violin Maker’s Plane

In the August 2012 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine (which mails to subscribers on June 13), you’ll find a review of the Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Violin Maker’s Plane (also called the 101), which is based loosely on the Stanley 101. I filmed the short video below to show how the plane comes apart, goes back...

Lie-Nielsen N0. 101 Block Plane

Tool Test: Lie-Nielsen No. 101 Block Plane

By Megan Fitzpatrick Page 16 This wee bronze plane from Warren, Maine, is a reproduction (of sorts) of the Stanley No. 101 plane – a small block plane originally designed for household use and light work (and sold in toy tool chests, according to Patrick Leach’s “Blood and Gore” web site). But unlike its inspiration, this new...