Beginner Woodworking


A Trio of Common Beginner Questions (& Answers)

If you’re new to the craft of woodworking, this post is for you, and it’s to help spread the word on the brainchild of Tom Iovino (Tom’s Workbench), “Get Woodworking Week,” Feb. 3-9. Below, I’ve addressed a handful of the most common questions I get from beginning woodworkers. Q: What’s the deal with the...


Tool Basics for the Beginning Woodworker

I gotta say, the timing is bad on this. At the same time that we’ve announced DVD compilations of four seasons of Roy Underhill’s “The Woodwright’s Shop,” there’s a new video out from another red-headed woodworker who prefers hand tools. That would be me. And it’s my first commercial video, so please be kind....