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A Veritas Bevel-up Jointer Plane, a.k.a an Olympic prize

Swoosh, Drill & Chop at Hand Tool Olympics 2013

Last week I wrote about three of the six events at the Hand Tool Olympics (HTO), the winners in 2012 and the prizes and contributing companies for the upcoming events at Woodworking in America 2013 (Oct. 18-20). This entry covers the remaining three events – one with a little twist. “Shooting Sports” is the...


A Bit (of a) Dilemma

A few years ago, after my grandfather’s death, I inherited a couple boxes of his tools (he’d trained in high school as a cabinetmaker). His jointer plane is in my tool chest at work, and now sports a replacement blade. The tote needs tightening every time I use it for more than 20 minutes,...