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Jet JWBS-14SF-3 Band Saw

by Chuck Bender page 18 The new 14″ steel-frame band saw from Jet is nothing less than heavy-duty. With its 3-horsepower, 220-volt motor, this saw is built to handle just about anything you can throw at it. The one-piece frame makes this band saw extremely rigid for tough cuts such as resawing wide boards...


Make Your Mark

Traditional woodworking marks are simple – and they prevent errors. by Christopher Schwarz p. 62 If you don’t use a clear system of marking your project parts, it’s easy to get confused and cut a joint on the wrong face of a board or assemble table legs in the wrong orientation. During the last...

Online Extras: April 2009 Issue

Online Extras for the April 2009 issue include a video about how to use glue for veneering, full-size patterns of the top and bottom side profiles of the Greene & Greene Medicine Cabinet, additional step photos of the Writing Desk project as a PDF slide show, and more.

Online Extras: November 2009 Issue

Online Extras from the November 2009 issue include a video tour of Megan's LVL Workbench, the 3D Google SketchUp Model of Megan's LVL Workbench, the 3D Google SketchUp model of the Knockdown Computer Desk, a video of Kevin Glen Drake turning a chisel handle and learn why he uses a skew chisel, and more....

Online Extras: June 2009 Issue

Online Extras for the June 2009 issue include a video of Marc Spagnuolo using his favorite pushsticks and featherboards, download full-size patterns of the Deck/Dock Chair leg profiles in PDF format, a SketchUp model of the Joiner's Tool Chest project, and several more videos.

Make the cut with the circular saw motor hanging over the guide – this arrangement provides the most support for the saw and keeps it from tipping.

Sawing Particleboard and Plywood

Precision cutting with a hand-held circular saw. I’d like to know who it was that decided that plywood was best sold in 4-foot by 8-foot sheets. I’ve always thought that it was a practical joke in questionable taste to take such a wonderfully useful woodworking material and manufacture it in sheets that are bigger...

Made to order.  Fit the cases to your books  to avoid wasting space, lower your  material costs and make moving easy.

I Can Do That: Stacking Bookcases

Make Boxes to fit your books – and your space By Robert W. Lang Pages 22-23 From the June 2011 issue #190 Buy this issue now The typical bookcase is a good example of poor design. We make them that way because that’s the way we’ve always made them; almost every plan you see is 12" deep, yet...


Power-tool Joinery: Biscuits – Fast, Cheap & Good

A few small wafers can help strengthen any project you’re working on. By Bill Hylton Pages: 90-92 From the June 2004 issue #141 Buy this issue now Biscuit joinery is so fast and easy it almost seems like cheating. And I gotta tell you, I’m no cheater. Consequently, I pretty much ignored the system,...


Dovetailed Keepsake Box

Shortcuts learned as you build this classic box help you become a better joiner. By Glen. D. Huey Pages: 44-47 From the April 2011 issue #189 Buy this issue now This box is chock-full, but don’t look on the inside. Check out the outside. It’s loaded with dovetail joinery – through dovetails on the front and half-blind dovetails...