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Cabriole Legs by Hand

You don’t need a band saw to shape these classic furniture gams. by Zachary Dillinger pgs. 40-44 Readers of this magazine are no doubt familiar with the cabriole leg. One of the hallmarks of the Queen Anne and Chippendale styles of furniture, the cabriole is a complex curved surface that can be a daunting...


Make a ‘Raamtang’

This Dutch joiner’s tool leverages simple design into a cheap & effective workholding device. By Zachary Dillinger p. 46 While studying Gerrit van der Sterre’s “Four Centuries of Dutch Planemakers” (Primavera Pers, 2001), I ran across what the author calls a “raamtang” – Dutch for “window pliers.” As you might guess, it is a...