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Split Bench Hook

pages 14-15 A bench hook is an indispensable workholding device for crosscutting. The traditional bench hook is made of a base, a stop or rest and a cleat. It is usually used against the apron or front edge of a workbench, or clamped in the vise. To crosscut a long piece, I used to...

Table for your trim router

Tricks of the Trade: A Table for Your Trim Router

By Bruce Davis Page 14I was looking for a safer way to use my trim router for everyday chores around the shop. My solution was to build a router table that hangs off the end of my bench on a French cleat. When I’m not using the router table, I store it under the end...


Tricks of the Trade

A Simple Toothing PlaneBy Kari Hultman Pages: 16-17From the October 2011 issue #192 Buy the issue nowFor 35 years I’ve used toothing planes on veneers, especially ones with swirling grain. With sawn veneers, the toother is the fastest way to make them flat (but not smooth). The pattern made by the plane increases...