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Tool Test: Czeck Edge Carbide Birdcage Awl

by Chuck Bender page 16 The first thing you notice when you grasp a Czeck Edge Hand Tool birdcage awl is how well it fits in the hand. The cocobolo handle is beautifully turned with a shellac finish that is silky smooth. And the blade is balanced, polished and sharp. Czeck Edge has sold birdcage awls for...


Tool Test: Starborn’s Smart-Bit Depth Setter

by Chuck Bender page 16 Starborn Industries has set the benchmark for driving screws. The Smart-Bit Depth Setter allows you to sink screws to a consistent depth every time. Although it was first introduced to the deck-building industry, there are a lot of features about this little tool that make it appealing to furniture makers. Contact:


Tool Test: Infinity Shrinks the Dado Stack

'Dadonator Jr.' is small in size but big on performance. By Steve Shanesy Page 14 Regardless of what you may think, size doesn’t matter – at least not when you’re talking dado stacks. Infinity Cutting Tools’ 8" “Dadonator” was highly touted when it was released in 2008. Today, Infinity offers the “Dadonator Jr.” It’s the same tool...


Tool Test: Amana Countersinks Conquer Burning & Marring

By Steve Shanesy Page 14 Amana Tool has four new countersinks with various-sized drill bits and non-marring depth stops. Each countersink has twin carbide-tipped flutes, and these are the only countersinks in the industry with this feature. Carbide-tipped flutes allow the bit to cut cleanly and last longer when working with hardwoods, plywoods and other engineered wood...


Tool Test: Clever Spyder Jigsaw Blades Make Super-tight Turns

By Steve Shanesy Page 16 Spyder, a Kansas City, Mo.-based company, has introduced a jigsaw blade with teeth on the front and back edges. At first glance, these blades look odd at best and gimmicky at worst. But after taking these blades for a test-drive, I began to understand the versatility offered by this innovation. Of...


Tool Test: Vesper Tools Try Square: Perfect & Functional

By Christopher Schwarz Page 16 Every shop needs a square that is the ultimate arbiter of squareness. It is the tool that determines if your jointer fence is 90° to the table, if the end of a board has been shot square or if a drawer’s joints are correct. While I love my combination square, it has...


Easy Chuck from Easy Wood Tools

By Steve Shanesy Page 18 Four-jaw scroll chucks used in wood turning largely work the same. They have interchangeable jaws held by screws, and the jaws open or close using a geared key, a hex key or tommy bars. The jaws usually have a dovetail-shaped rim that clamps a similarly shaped tenon turned on the base...


Veritas Handsaw File Holder

By Megan Fitzpatrick Page 18 Some woodworkers – myself included – are leery of filing their own saws. But this new saw file holder from Veritas takes away some of the fear by “tricking” you (through both tactile and visual cues) into holding triangular saw files in the correct orientation for your desired tooth geometry. Article:


Monster Jointer Plane from Scott Meek Woodworks

By Christopher Schwarz Page 16 The longer your jointer plane, the straighter the work that flows beneath it. Because of that maxim of handwork, some Old World planes for making furniture were lengthy – 36" isn’t unusual. Most modern jointers top out at 24" long, so picking up the new 36" jointer from Scott Meek Woodworks is...