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Krenov-style ‘Memories Box’

Wood is the starting point of inspiration for these boxes infused with the past. By Ted Brown Pages: 48-51 From the December 2011 issue #194 Buy the issue now In my mind, this article goes to the root of why we work wood. It is about the philosophy of creating things in wood and the approach more so...


From Concept to Completion, Part 2

Detailed drawings, cut lists and grain orientation aid in a successful building process. By Ted Brown Pages: 70-73 From the November 2007 issue #165 Buy this issue now We use detailed drawings to capture important relationships between components. It is not always required that we draw the entire piece. If we can draw only...


From Concept to Completion, Part 1

Designing a project from scratch. By Ted Brown Pages: 66-69 From the October 2007 issue #164 Buy this issue now Where does a concept come from? For me, it starts with a need – either of my own, or that of a client. In this case, my client needs side tables to go at...