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Tricks of the Trade

A Simple Toothing PlaneBy Kari Hultman Pages: 16-17From the October 2011 issue #192 Buy the issue nowFor 35 years I’ve used toothing planes on veneers, especially ones with swirling grain. With sawn veneers, the toother is the fastest way to make them flat (but not smooth). The pattern made by the plane increases...


Tricks of the Trade

This month's winning trick is a nifty solution for Slide-out Tool Storage, from Dyami PlotkeEdited by Kari Hultman Pages: 14-15 ADDITIONAL IMAGES: See the construction process of the slide-out tool storage cabinet. VIDEO: Tricks-in-Action shows you a free video of one of this issue’s tricks in use in our shop. Watch “A Better Dado Setup” –...


Sunken Treasure

How to buy mahogany that 18th-century furniture masterpieces (and dreams) are made of. By Kari Hultman Pages: 50-53 From the April 2010 issue #182 Buy this issue now Remember when Honduran mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) was the most fashionable wood used in fine furniture, had 40 to 60 growth rings per inch, and was readily...