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Silver Brazing Your Own Band Saw Blades

Save money and get better results by making your own blades. By John Wilson Pages: 62-65 From the June 2008 issue #169 Buy this issue now I was on the road teaching a woodworking course recently when my band saw blade broke. Not carrying a spare meant buying a replacement locally. It had been...


Shaker Swing-handle Carrier

Oval boxes with handles were traditionally used as sewing baskets. By John Wilson Pages: 48-53 From the November 2009 issue #179 Buy this issue now The craftsmen of the Shaker community were known in their day for quality workmanship of utilitarian designs. This project represents one of their adaptations of the oval box in...


Canoe Paddle

A single length of framing lumber will help you hone your skills with a spokeshave, a drawknife and a block plane. By John Wilson Pages: 32-40 From the August 2004 issue #142 Buy this issue now It was a bright summer’s day in 1993 at historic Strawberry Banke in Portsmouth, N.H. My wife, Sally,...