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‘The Secret Mitre Dovetail’

David Charlesworth’s new video is groundbreaking instruction. by Christopher Schwarz p. 14 The “secret miter” dovetail is considered the most elegant and difficult of all the dovetail joints to make. As a result, many woodworkers hesitate to even attempt the joint, which can seamlessly wrap the grain around a furniture carcase to a beautiful...


Sterling Tool Works Stainless Steel French Curves

by Christopher Schwarz p. 16 I like using French curves for laying out hyperbolas, ellipses and parabolas when designing furniture details. These curves are not static arcs – they are segments of the Euler spiral – and so the shapes they create have more spring and life. The typical set of French curves consists...

1508 toolbox

Traveling Tool Chest

Historic proportions and details are still the best. by Christopher Schwarz page 22 Since I started woodworking in about 1993, I’ve stored my tools in almost every way imaginable – from plastic buckets to wall cabinets, racks and a variety of tool chests. After exploring each of these methods, I kept coming back to...


Kreg Precision Router Table

Simple micro-adjust feature and a solid base make this one a contender. by Christopher Schwarz page 14 Some router tables have gotten so complex and expensive that they actually rival a decent shaper. I’ve always preferred simple router tables, so I was curious to assemble and use the new Kreg Precision Router Table. Like...

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‘American Gothic Aumbry’ SketchUp Model

This is a model of Christopher Schwarz’ “American Gothic Aumbry” cover project from the February 2015 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine. Download the free Sketchup plan here. See all our SketchUp Models here Purchase Sketchup products from Shop Woodworking.


‘The Best of Christopher Schwarz’ e-mag

Christopher Schwarz sincerely hopes that the projects, tips and tricks in this new digital magazine are not his best work – the best, he explained, is always yet to come. “I really hope my best stuff is in the pipeline,” Schwarz noted when I sought his help identifying articles to include in this collection....


Make a Revolution From a Tree

A curious attorney helped kick-start ‘green woodworking’ with a single chair and a book. by Christopher Schwarz page 50 Of all the unusual twists and turns in the life of Jennie (formerly John) Alexander, surely the most incredible has been to be pronounced dead in the media while being very much alive. When her...


American Gothic

This early form – an aumbry – spawned many different types of furniture. by Christopher Schwarz page 28 It is easy to forget that many of our favorite pieces of furniture are recent innovations. Forms such as coffee tables, bookcases and desks are – archaeologically speaking – new objects brought on by incredible modern...


Folding Bookcase

Though not as lightweight as an eReader, this portable library is far more stylish. by Christopher Schwarz pages 24-29 Bookcases that fold up like a clamshell were common among British travelers of the 19th century. Soldiers, students, clerks and the clergy were all fond of this easy way to take a library with them...