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Tool Test: Ashley Iles Chisels Just for Dovetailing

By Christopher Schwarz Page: 32 From the October 2008 issue #171 Buy this issue now You don’t have to have a specialty set of chisels to make hand-cut dovetails, but it sure does make parts of the process easier. When dovetailing, chisels are used for three jobs: Chopping out the bulk of the waste,...


I Can Do That: Skansen Bench

Based on a Swedish antique, this bench uses through-tenons made with just a jigsaw. By Christopher Schwarz Pages: 24-25 From the April 2010 issue #182 Buy this issue now I’ve always liked things that are Swedish, impossibly overbuilt and yet somehow graceful. For example, my beloved Volvo 240DL, a certain foreign exchange student in...


Isaac Youngs’ Wall Clock

Modern CAD software restores the look of a 164-year-old Shaker design. By Christopher Schwarz Pages: 52-59 From the August 2004 issue #142 Buy this issue now It’s difficult to open a book about Shaker furniture or to page through a woodworking catalog without coming face to face with a clock similar to this one....