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At the Lathe: From Wood Chunk to Chuck

The best way to process logs into blanks and avert future headaches. By Judy Ditmer Pages: 81-83 From the June 2006 issue #155 Buy this issue now Ideally, your turning wood comes to you in one of two ways: as fresh, sound green wood, in reasonably sized sections that you quickly rough-turn into bowls...


At the Lathe: Preparing Green Wood

Here’s how to take your stock from logs to lathe. By Judy Ditmer Pages: 88-91 From the  February 2006 issue #153 Buy this issue now Once upon a time, not so very long ago, I was sitting in my booth at a craft show when a young man came in and began looking at...


At the Lathe: Finger Tops

Fun to turn and pretty to look at, these little spinners will enhance your skills. By Judy Ditmer Pages: 82-85 From the December 2007 issue #166 Buy this issue now Tops are the atoms of woodturning; so simple, yet you can do so many things with them. Simple or fancy, they are fun to...