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Queen Anne Strop Box

Sharpen your hand-tool skills with this useful project. by Willard Anderson pages 4-50 I recently obtained a nice piece of leather about 1⁄4″ thick that I wanted to use as a strop for plane irons and chisels. And, I was looking for a simple hand-tool project. So I decided to make a “strop box”...


Bench Plane Restoration

Learn five common fixes for vintage wooden tools. by Willard Anderson pages 30-35 There is a deep reverence in using a tool that has been used by generations of woodworkers, possibly traveled across the ocean, seen the Revolution and maybe been carried across the continent to help in building a new life. These tools...


Get a Handle on Mortise Chisels

Period tools provide an opportunity for study – and for rehandling.

by Willard Anderson with Peter Ross pages 48-54

Mortise chisels get a lot of heavy use – and sometimes abuse. Over the years, I’ve collected a number of chisels without handles and with seriously damaged handles. These chisels are so well designed for their job, but...


Fixed-width Panel Raiser

Build a plane that cuts smooth and crisp raised panels with, against or across the grain – the magic is in the spring and skew. by Willard Anderson pages 24-31 Buy this issue now Panel-raising planes are used to shape the raised panels in doors, paneling and lids. The profile has a fillet that defines the field...

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Rule Joints: by Hand & by Power

No matter how you cut them, understand their subtleties to make a smooth-moving joint. By Willard Anderson Pages 48-53 The rule joint is elegant in its apparent simplicity and is a classic element of fine furniture. Much of what has been written on rule joints – or table joints as they’re often called – is from...


Make a Shapely Bowsaw

Proper, tapered handle holes make this piece period-correct. By Willard Anderson Pages: 44-48 From the November 2011 issue #193 Buy this issue now The bowsaw is an ancient tool and a member of a class of saws called frame saws, in which tension from the frame is designed to hold the blade taut. Also sometimes called a “turning...