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I Can Do That: Message Center

A low-tech solution for a family on the go. By Steve Shanesy Pages: 26-27 From the February 2012 issue #195 Buy the issue now. The kitchen is the crossroads for today’s busy family. And while we have high-tech gadgets to text messages, take notes and keep a calendar, I’ve found a kitchen message board...


Tool Test: Micro Fence Micro Plunge Base

By Steve Shanesy Page 16 In the world of routers and routing accessories, it seems that small is big these days. The popularity of trim routers has been growing for some time; in fact, it’s now been a couple years since we praised Micro Fence’s plunge router base for the Bosch Colt, and we...


Makita PJ7000 Biscuit Joiner Tool Test

By Steve Shanesy Page 18 The biscuit or plate joiner category of the hand-held power tool world has been pretty sleepy over the past few years. But Makita has introduced a new model that, while not revolutionary, adds some nice, user-friendly features. The PJ7000 packs plenty of power in its 5.6-amp motor, yet the...


Jameel Abraham: Benchcrafted Tools

This Iowa-born toolmaker, woodworker and luthier strives for perfection. By Steve Shanesy Pages 46-52 Family has clearly played an important role in the development of Iowa-born woodworker and toolmaker Jameel Abraham. In 2006, Jameel, along with his brother, Father John Abraham (an Orthodox priest), and their father founded Benchcrafted – makers of a handful of high-quality, primarily...


M-Power CRB7 Combination Router Base

By Steve Shanesy Page 16 M-Power Tools offers an aftermarket router base that offers a number of features at the very reasonable price of about $90. It can be mounted to any router that has 5/16″-diameter edge-guide holes spaced between 35/64″and 51/8″. One key feature is an indexed micro-adjusting wheel that lets you dial...

4 Boxes, 4 Ways

4 Boxes, 4 Ways

The editors present some of their favorite designs. By Matthew Teague, Robert W. Lang, Megan Fitzpatrick & Steve Shanesy Page 31-35 Whether we spend most of our time building 18th-century highboys, production cabinetry or toys for our kids and grandchildren, we all build small boxes from time to time. Because we produce so many small offcuts of...

iVac Pro

Tool Test: iVac Pro Automated Dust-control System

By Steve Shanesy Page 18 Laziness can reduce the efficiency of your dust-collection system, whether you use a shop vacuum or a centralized collector. Sometimes just walking around the machine to switch on your collector doesn’t seem worth it. Read the full article here.


Tool Test: Infinity Tools Thick-kerf, Flat-top Table Saw Blades

by Steve Shanesy Page 16 When we think table saw blades, our experience limits our thinking to rip, crosscut or combination, and 1⁄8″ kerf or thin kerf. Then there’s the number of teeth and type of grind: flat top, alternate-tooth bevel (ATB) or triple-chip. Each of these has its purpose and, if sharp, performs...


Drill Press Table

It’s accurate, easy to use and built to last. by Steve Shanesy pages 30-32 From the April 2012 issue, #196 There are all manner of drill press tables and fences, from a simple 2x4 clamped to the machine’s cast iron table to ones with gadgets and gizmos galore. The latter is not my style, so when the...