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Stop Rust Now

If it’s metallic, odds are it’s rusting. But why? And how can you slow it down? By Michael Rabkin Pages: 90-93 From the April 2004 issue #140 Buy this issue now Rust is the bane of woodworking tools. Once it appears, it seems to spread like cancer. For woodworkers in humid, salty climates (such...


Tool Test: TopSaver Takes Care of Rust – and Your Machines

By Michael A. Rabkin Page: 25 From the August 2004 issue #142 Buy this issue now Getting rust off your machines is half the battle. Keeping it off is the other, and Empire Manufacturing’s TopSaver tackles both. It’s a combination rust remover-lubricant-sealant-conditioner for all your metal surfaces. The TopSaver System comes with one 8-ounce...