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Milk Paint

This traditional paint looks great on any project – and it’s simple to use. By Michael Dunbar Pages: 44-48 From the February 2010 issue #181 Buy this issue now Woodworkers have been painting their furniture for thousands of years. During that time, they have used many different types of paints. In fact, in historic...


Aging Your Projects Gracefully

Part 1: Adding wear and tear to a piece is like writing a convincing tale of fiction. By Michael Dunbar Pages: 50-53 From the November 2010 issue # 186 Buy this issue now It’s your day off. So, you go into your shop to make a new piece of furniture. How do you want it to look...


Understand & Use a Bowsaw

These traditional tools are woefully misunderstood by modern craftsmen. Here’s a primer. By Michael Dunbar Pages: 34-37 From the October 2010 issue # 185 Buy this issue now In the 1970s when I was the young, innocent and naive chairmaker at Strawbery Banke, a museum in Portsmouth, N.H., 50,000 tourists passed through my shop each summer. It...