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Mighty Router Planes

This powerful precision tool belongs in every woodworker’s arsenal. by Megan Fitzpatrick pages 53-55 If you’re a woodworker who prefers to plug things in, you know there are still at least a few hand tools you need. And when it comes to planes, you likely have a block plane in your toolbox. I, however, think a router...


Kelly Mehler’s Plate Rack

Add pizazz to your kitchen with contemporary curves. by Megan Fitzpatrick pages 40-44 For years, I’ve been trying to cajole Kelly Mehler to write an article for us on one of his many areas of woodworking expertise: building custom pieces that emphasize the beauty of carefully selected hardwoods. And I haven’t given up on that quest – but...

Autumn Doucet, Figured Cherry Chest

Woodworking Excellence

Find inspiration in this award-winning work of your fellow readers. by Megan Fitzpatrick pages 32-38 Buy this issue now As a mechanism to show off the amazing work done by you, our readers, this year we held our inaugural “PWM Excellence Awards.” Via social media, we invited submissions in five categories: Boxes & Smalls, Seating, Tables, Cabinets...


Shaker Blanket Chest

This piece from White Water Village shows a Southern influence. By Megan Fitzpatrick Pages 24-31 Buy This Issue Now A typical for Shaker blanket chests, this piece (a near replica of an extant example built at Union Village and now at the White Water Shaker Village) has half-blind dovetails on all corners. The layout – side...


Woodworking Essentials: The Hole Story

Discover a bit about clean, accurate boring. By Megan Fitzpatrick Pages 58-59 There are many tools in modern woodworking you can use to bore holes: powered drills (both corded and cordless), drill presses, hand-powered eggbeater drills, braces and more. Drill presses are the powered method of choice when accuracy is important. Battery-operated drills are convenient and fast. Corded...


Veritas Handsaw File Holder

By Megan Fitzpatrick Page 18 Some woodworkers – myself included – are leery of filing their own saws. But this new saw file holder from Veritas takes away some of the fear by “tricking” you (through both tactile and visual cues) into holding triangular saw files in the correct orientation for your desired tooth geometry. Article:


Tool Test: Hock Tools Scratch Stock

By Megan Fitzpatrick Page 14 A scratch stock is a simple tool – sort of a combination of a scraper and a moulding plane – for scratching in a profile (typically a bead or other simple shape). And while it’s fairly easy to make a scratch stock out of scrap wood and a piece...

Like most smiths who work in forged iron, Peter is always on the lookout for raw materials. He keeps piles of his finds behind the outbuildings on his property (below).

Controlled Irregularity – Peter Ross

By Megan Fitzpatrick Pages 64-68 November 2012, issue #200 Today, we aim for too much perfection; period work wasn’t like that,” says blacksmith/whitesmith Peter Ross. Handwork, Peter Ross says, is a culmination of learning to do things quickly with few tools and little fussing, whether that’s working with iron or working with wood. With...


Veritas ‘Workshop Striking Knife’ Tool Test

By Megan Fitzpatrick Page 16 Spear-point marking knives are my favorite marking knives because they’re a good all-around choice for most layout tasks in the shop. Because a spear-point knife has two bevels and a flat back, it can easily register against a guide on either the right or left side – very handy...