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The Case for Bevel-up Planes

A craftsman makes the argument that bevel-up planes are easier to tune for end grain and difficult woods. By Lonnie Bird Pages: 44-48 From the August 2009 issue #177 Buy this issue now I can clearly remember my first experience with bench planes. I was in high school shop class and while I was...


Better Glue Joints

Your joints will last for decades if you know how to apply your glue. By Lonnie Bird Pages: 38-41 From the November 2004 issue #144 Buy this issue now Much of woodworking is joinery: An edge-to-edge joint is used to join two or more boards to create a tabletop, dovetails are carefully cut and...


Block Plane Basics

Get the most out of this versatile hand tool through proper tuning and good technique. By Lonnie Bird Pages: 80-83 From the October 2004 issue #143 Buy this issue now My tool cabinet contains a number of planes – bench planes for smoothing,shoulder planes for trimming and even a full set of hollows and...