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Contemporary Cabriole Legs

A new approach to a traditional design element.

by Jeff Miller pages 26-32

Early on in my career, I built a number of tables with different types of cabriole legs. These ranged from period-inspired pieces to designs a little farther afield. But as I began creating my own designs, I wasn’t entirely satisfied with what cabriole legs...


Perfect Shoulders

An 18th-century chairmaker’s saw makes 21st-century work Jeff Miller pages 34-37The graveyard of obscure and forgotten tools is large, densely packed and many layers deep. Many of these tools richly deserve their pauper’s burial. But once in a while you come across a tool that does things that are quite remarkable, and you wonder...

Jeff Miller

Body Mechanics

Get better woodworking results with these 12 tips.By Jeff Miller Pages 44-47I’ve been teaching now for more than 15 years. And in that time I’ve thought a lot about why students are or are not able to do certain things. Problems arise only rarely as a result of a student not having good information about...


Perfection by Hand

These jigs help you hand cut flawless mortise-and-tenon joints.By Jeff Miller Pages 48-52Mortise-and-tenon joints tend to frustrate woodworkers far more than dovetails do. That’s no mystery; they are genuinely harder to cut than dovetails. The large flat tenon cheeks and mortise walls need to be flat, smooth and parallel, the shoulders have to line up...


Complementary Curves

Most of the challenge in making this graceful table is in the prep.By Jeff Miller Pages: 32-39From the December 2011 issue # 194 Buy this issue nowMany interesting pieces of furniture are deceptively simple. Deceptive, because although they appear simple, they are actually very difficult to make. Although this is occasionally true in my own...


New Uses for Old Handplanes

Frogs, irons and handles can be repurposed into clever shop-made tools.By Jeff Miller Pages: 34-37From the November 2011 issue #193 Buy this issue nowThe box arrives in the mail and the new plane you’ve been yearning for has finally arrived. You spend a few minutes admiring the workmanship, then get to work flattening the back...


Make a Chair That Rocks

A little geometry and a simple prototype ensure a pleasant ride.By Jeff Miller Pages: 48-51From the October 2011 issue #192 Buy the issue nowI recently set out to design and build a new rocking chair. I’ve designed and built a handful of rockers, but my past efforts didn’t rock as well as I...