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Not so Ordinary Router Cabinet

Great shop storage isn’t always built using plywood. by Glen D. Huey page 40 As I look around my shop, or most woodworking shops, I see cabinets built with plywood and screws. But there are other options. I decided to change things up and make a shop cabinet using hardwoods, and to use the...


Hardware Hideaway

Store handles, hinges and fasteners in this handsome dust-free organizer.

by Glen D. Huey pages 33-37

While exploring in an antique store, I found a small, two-level lidded box that would be ideal to store the loads of extra hardware I have stowed in plastic bags. No longer would I need to search endlessly for brads, bails...


Connecticut Lowboy

While simple to build, the details present a worthy challenge. by Glen D. Huey pages 26-33 While teaching a class at the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking, I was asked to sneak down to the Connecticut Historical Society to take a look around. At the museum, I was shown into a back room full of off-exhibit furniture....


Woodworking Essentials: Pick the Perfect Lock

The key to selection is knowing the terminology and how a lock works. by Glen D. Huey pages 52-55 Locks protect our worldly goods from outsiders who wish to take those goods from us. In earlier days, the use of furniture locks had a somewhat different purpose. Blog: Get step-by-step instruction from Glen Huey on how he...


Southern Gent’s Mirror Stand

Discovered in a museum basement, this Piedmont design makes heads turn. By Glen D. Huey Pages 51-55 My first trip to the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts was for business. Robert W. Lang, the magazine’s executive editor, and I traveled to Winston-Salem, N.C., to research and select furniture projects for the book “Furniture in the Southern...


Hannah’s Inlaid Chest

Router and hand tools combine for line and berry inlay on this 18th-century piece. By Glen D. Huey Pages 20-25 In 1746, at the age of four, Hannah Pyle stored her prized possessions in a small three-drawer chest with line and berry inlay. Lines of holly stringing on the front of that chest included her date of...

Shaker Bench

New Workbench Build

In 2006, as I began my first round at Popular Woodworking Magazine (PWM), I was told I had to build a workbench. Even with then editor Christopher Schwarz chest deep in workbench publications, it wasn’t a mandate as much as it was a necessity. In the PWM shop, there was no usable bench empty...


Southern Cellarette

Combine simple construction and sophisticated proportions. By Glen D. Huey Pages 22-29 In 1760, Dutch gin bottles made their way to the Colonies. Soon thereafter, the first known example of a lidded box designed to hold those gin bottles was built. Many of the bottle boxes, gin boxes or cellarettes, as they are known, have their origin...


The ‘Wright’ Shaker Counter

You don’t need symmetry to build a period piece that pleases the eye. by Glen D. Huey Pages 40-47 If you joined the Shaker Hancock Bishopric in the early part of the 19th century, you may have had the opportunity to work with an outstanding craftsman named Grove Wright (1789-1861). Wright, along with his long-time apprentice, Thomas...