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Shop-made Tail Vise

Transform your workbench with custom-fit workholding – without any Don Williams pages 42-45For many woodworkers, especially those of the Galoot persuasion, a workbench with a tail vise of some sort is a fundamental necessity. These vises are integral to most European-style benches, and there are now extraordinary aftermarket options, some of which I own....


Hammer Veneering

Discover how and why this age-old hide glue technique works – and works Don Williams pages 32-34One of the great hurdles for many woodworkers new to traditional craftsmanship is applying veneers to a wooden substrate. This becomes even more problematic when the task involves something more than laying down a single piece of veneer,...


Royal Flooring in Appalachia

Paris parquet finds a new home in a rural Virginia woodshop.By Don Williams Pages 54-55The convergent threads of life are sometimes amazing, coincidental things. My earliest and most important mentors in the restoration arts were Pop and Fred Schindler, the remarkable father and son of an eponymous shop, who first introduced me to Monsieur André Roubo...