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Straight Talk on Sharpening

While a cambered plane blade works fine, why start the hard way? By Deneb Puchalski Pages: 40-43 From the December 2011 issue # 194 Buy the issue now A sharp edge is an absolute necessity for hand-tool woodworking – but for many beginners, sharpening plane irons and chisels is an obstacle rather than a gateway to enjoying hand...


Tiny Teeth Tame Tear-out

A toothed blade in your handplane magically eliminates ugly tearing. By Deneb Puchalski Pages: 46-49 From the October 2009 issue #178 Buy this issue now The recent renaissance of low-angle, bevel-up planes reintroduces us to a little-known plane blade: the toothed or grooving blade. There is written documentation from the early 19th century that...