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A Bed for The Thorsen House

Make a Greene & Greene-style bed with simplified construction. By Darrell Peart Pages 40-47 Recently I joined a group whose primary goal is to restore the Thorsen House, one of the “Ultimate Bungalows” designed by Charles and Henry Greene. In fact, I am on the board of directors of the Friends of the Thorsen House. Our purpose...


Greene & Greene: A Mystery Table

While conducting research for a book, the author encounters a previously unknown table from the workshop of Peter & John Hall. By Darrell Peart Pages: 62-69 From the November 2007 issue #165 Buy this issue now There is no test more demanding on a piece of furniture than that of time and service. The...


Out of the Woodwork: Regulae Stultis Sunt

Rules are for fools. By Darrell Peart Page: 72 From the November 2009 issue #179 Buy this issue now My junior high math teacher, Mr. Gayda, was fond of saying, “Rules are for fools.” Although this little maxim sounds like a rallying cry for anarchists, Mr. Gayda was a man of many rules and...