Tables & Chairs

Every woodworker worth his salt should be able to knock together a decent table and set of chairs. As with all woodworking projects, design needs to match function. That’s why we have assembled table plans of all sorts, from picnic tables, to dining tables, to coffee tables and the wood chairs you need to use them. No matter what your current need is, you’ll find inspiration here in designing your projects, and adding that all-important touch of beauty.

Center the grooves. The 3/4" x 3/4" grooves must be centered in the width of the post to make the fit (and the sanding) acceptable. A careful setup with a dado set makes this quick work.

Sam Maloof’s Sculpted-base Table

One of the earliest projects featured in Pacific Woodworker (the forebear to Popular Woodworking) was a table built by the legendary woodworker Sam Maloof. Here, you'll find step-by-step instruction for constructing the distinctive base.

Dock Chair Leg Patterns

In the June 2009 issue of Popular Woodworking, we printed the patterns for the front and rear legs of the "Dock Chair." Instead of asking you to enlarge these patterns on a photocopy machine, you can download the below full-size pattern, print it off of any printer, and get right to work.

Early 17th-century Swedish Joiner’s Bench

Alert reader Bengt Nilsson of Stockholm, Sweden, sent in this great photo of a joiner’s bench that was recovered from the Vasa , a Swedish battleship that sank on its maiden voyage in 1628. Nilsson took the photo while touring the Vasa Museum with an American exchange student. He estimates that the bench is...

Stickley Poppy Table-Living on the Edge(s)

In every project, there is at least one process that takes much longer than expected. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first piece of furniture you’ve made or the five hundredth, somewhere between rough lumber and finished furniture is the point I call “hitting the wall.” When I estimated commercial millwork projects and people...

Creole Table: The Builder’s Cut

Last summer I spent a week in Columbus, Ohio, with my best friend from high school. He was there for a conference. I was there to write the text for my story on building an 18th-century walnut Creole Table. The article was intended for Woodworking Magazine, our sister publication, and so I was free...