Shop Projects

Looking for wood shop projects and plans to help improve your workspace. You’ve found it. Here you’ll find inspiration and complete woodworking plans for projects ranging from simple clamp racks to smart router table designs and bulletproof workbenches and shop tables. From small and simple shop solutions to dream tool cabinets, you’ll find just the right projects for improving your workshop, increasing efficiency and making your time there more enjoyable.

Cut the drawer dados in the case sides prior to assembly. We used a router to make the dados and a store-bought guide that clamps across the plywood to guide the router. You could just as easily clamp a straight board to the side to serve as a guide. Use two passes on each dado to achieve the full depth. This puts less strain on the router and the bit.

German Work Box

Simple to build, mobile and packed with storage, this toolbox stores your tools and keeps the ones you're using at the ready.