Shop Projects

Looking for wood shop projects and plans to help improve your workspace. You’ve found it. Here you’ll find inspiration and complete woodworking plans for projects ranging from simple clamp racks to smart router table designs and bulletproof workbenches and shop tables. From small and simple shop solutions to dream tool cabinets, you’ll find just the right projects for improving your workshop, increasing efficiency and making your time there more enjoyable.


I Can Do That: Tool Tote

Wedged through-tenons keep this handle secure. By Megan Fitzpatrick Pages: 58-60 From the November 2011 issue #193 Buy this issue now Whether you’re using it for woodworking tools or garden tools, a tote is a simple and quick project. It’s so simple, in fact, that I decided to add a wee degree of difficulty with a curved handle...


Building a Handmade Try Square

Jim Tolpin’s newest book, “The New Traditional Woodworker” teaches the reader how to work with hand tools by using them to build useful bench and shop tools. Each project builds on the skill learned in the preceding chapter. This process makes for an easy and fun learning curve. One of the more attractive project...


Tool Racks-Then & Now

Every now and then I get a question from a reader about the tool rack that hangs in the window of our shop behind my workbench. The rack in question was originally made in May 2007 for an article in Issue 8 of Woodworking Magazine. Like most good ideas, it isn’t mine. Chris Schwarz...


I Can Do That: Tool Rack

Swiped from a French engraving, this rack works in your shop or even in your kitchen. By Christopher Schwarz Pages: 26-27 From the April 2011 issue #189 Buy this issue now It’s good to keep your tools protected (think: tool chest). But it’s also good to keep them handy (think: at arm’s reach). My favorite way to accomplish...

Simple Sawhorse Project

Simple, Sturdy Sawhorses

Simple, Fast, Sturdy Sawhorse Project Here’s one of my favorite sawhorse designs. They provide such stable hard working support that I tend to refer to them as workhorses. I made this pair to serve as the base for a temporary workbench and machine stand. They  measure 30″ tall by 24″ long. That’s not as...

Rolling Clamp Rack

When you’ve got so many clamps that it’s a problem getting them to where the work is being done, build this rolling clamp rack!

Making a Deluxe Router Table – Final Installment

This isn’t the simplest project you’ll ever make ,but it may be one of the most useful. It involves making mortise-and-tenon joinery and raised panels, fitting a drawer to its cabinet, using mechanical drawer slides and setting them up to work in tandem rather than side by side in the usual manner. You’ll make...