Other Projects

Here you’ll find woodworking projects and plans spanning a wide range of styles and requiring skills of varying degrees. From easy woodworking projects geared toward the beginner to more advanced furniture designs, all of these projects are presented by top furniture makers and full of tips that will help hone your skills and techniques skills and techniques as a woodworker. Whether you’re looking for small woodworking projects or more ambitious builds, you’ll find it here.

The decorative feet are too small to mill safely when cut to their finished size. Rout the profile in a piece about 1' long, using a square piece of scrap as a push block to move the narrow end of the stock across the router bit.

Tile Trivet

Practice makes perfect sense; this small tabletop project will give you something practical to show for your effort as you build your skills.

Patching Trick Checks in your boards can be tricky. They might get larger, they might not. To fill mine, I made a quick and effective putty. The putty is made from equal parts of fine cherry sawdust and cyanoacrylate glue (super glue to most people). The putty sets up in about five minutes as hard as a rock. It’s sandable and — when finished — looks like one of those dark streaks of cherry that’s common to the species. Then cross your fingers and hope the check stays small. Be sure to have some solvent on hand if you mess up the patch.

Limbert Wastebox

Charles P. Limbert's furniture designs are best thought of as American Arts & Crafts pieces that went to finishing school in Europe. We give you woodworking drawings for a wastebasket that is a replica of the #255 Waste Paper Box found in Booklet No. 112.