Arts & Crafts Furniture

Arts & Crafts furniture is lean, timeless and can work well in just about any setting, in any style of home. It can be bare-bones, or some of the fanciest furniture you’ve ever seen. Get all the Arts & Crafts furniture plans and ideas for woodworking projects you need right here. Whether you’re a beginner or a woodworker with advanced skills, Arts & Crafts is a must-know style, looming large over woodworking in the 20th century. Learn about it here – build it in your shop.


Greene & Greene: It’s All in the Details!

I have been designing and building in the Greene & Greene style since 1991. I have made a serious study of their work. One of the things I find truly astonishing is the level and subtlety of detail. I am amazed, after all these years, upon visiting the Gamble House, to still discover some...


Greene & Greene Frame

Advance copies of “Popular Woodworking’s Arts & Crafts Furniture Projects, 2nd Edition” recently showed up on my desk. The book looks fantastic – a good update of a collection that was a favorite among readers for years. This expanded version features 17 additional pieces (42 projects in all).  Here’s an excerpt by Robert W. Lang on creating...

Limbert's No. 346 Magazine Stand in pine, finished with black milk paint and boiled linseed oil.

Building the Limbert No. 346 Magazine Stand

Note: If you missed my first post on this magazine stand, you might like to begin here. I may be overly fond of pattern routing, because any time I have more than one identical part, I immediately begin contemplating a new pattern. And that’s the approach I took when building this magazine stand: My...

Limbert No. 346 Magazine stand

Limbert Magazine Stand in the Spirit of “I Can Do That”

The magazine stand is one of the signature pieces of the American Arts and Crafts movement, and Charles Limbert’s No. 346 is an especially distinctive take on the form. Two details mark the No. 346 as a Limbert design—the cutouts on the sides and the trapezoidal base. In the spirit of “I Can Do...


Bob Lang’s Books Now in the Popular Woodworking Store

I came to work at Popular Woodworking Magazine in a roundabout way. I spent most of my adult life working with wood professionally, and along the way I read a lot of books and magazines. I was passionate about furniture of the Arts & Crafts period, and wished there was a book of measured...

Fresh views of Stickley at the Dallas Museum of Art

Gustav Stickley and his furniture company were a complex and paradoxical lot. Stickley was a design icon, yet no drawings or work-notes in his hand seem to have survived (although the work of a number of nameless designers for his company does survive). He was a moderate socialist, and an aggressive businessman. He glorified...


Arts & Crafts Magazine Stand

At the turn of the 20th century there were an extraordinary number of designs for bookcase and magazine stands offered to the public as completed pieces and construction plans. This version is a variation on a style made popular by Roycroft.