‘Specialty Legs Collection’ – Get it Now at the Special Price of $49.99!

"Specialy Legs Collection"SPECIAL PRICE OF $49.99 IS GOOD THROUGH AUGUST 31, 2011!

With our “Specialty Legs Collection,” you’ll learn how to put your best woodworking foot forward! Discover how to make furniture legs in myriad styles – from the classic cabriole leg (with and without a ball & claw foot!) to turned legs on the lathe to tapered legs by hand or by power. Plus, you’ll learn how to dress up your period chair legs with masterful knee carving.  

The “Specialy Legs Collection” includes:

  • “Cabriole Legs Simplified” with Charles Bender DVD
  • “Carve a Ball & Claw Foot” DVD
  • “Turning Basics for Furniture Makers”
  • “Building a Philadelphia Chippendale Chair” (Digital Download)
  • “Four Ways to Make Tapered Legs” (Digital Download)
  • “Draw-leaf Game Table” (Digital Download)  

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