NOW AVAILABLE! The Woodworker’s Ultimate Router Value Pack

"Woodworkers Ultimate Router Value Pack"From choosing the best router to learning how to do inlay and fluting with a router, this exclusive value pack has everything you need. Learn how to make your own router guides from the experts of Popular Woodworking Magazine, discover 18 shop-made jigs for making sliding dovetails, perfect circles and more in the Complete Guide to Routers, and so much more. PLUS, get a very special deal on a Whiteside 3/16” Roundover Bit from Whiteside Machinery Co. Claim your ultimate bundle for the best collection of router advice, instruction, and how-tos!

The “Woodworker’s Ultimate Router Value Pack” includes:

  • Getting Started with Routers DVD
  • Router Joinery & Techniques DVD
  • Bill Hylton’s Ultimate Guide to the Router Table
  • Essential Guide to Routers PDF
  • Woodworking with the Router
  • Complete Guide to Routers CD
  • Line & Berry String Inlay by Router PDF
  • Jig Journal: Shop-made Mortise Jig Digital Download
  • Diamond Banding
  • Jig Journal: No-nonsense Router Table
  • Taming the Top-heavy Router
  • Whiteside 3/16″ Roundover bit

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