New Value Pack: Period Furniture

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As a woodworker, you’ve no doubt admired examples of classic furniture. You know, the stuff that makes you go, “Wow! I wish I could build that.” Now you can. With books, DVDs, downloads and more, this incredible value pack delivers all of the information you need to build and create period furniture for the best value.

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Period Furniture Value Pack includes:


Line & Berry String Inlay by Router DVDLine & Berry String Inlay by Router DVD
Learn how to create clever plywood patterns from photos and drawings in 97 minutes of instruction! RETAIL: $24.99
Building 18th-Century American FurnitureBuilding 18th-Century American Furniture
Glen Huey takes you through each and every stop of how to build 18th-Century furniture. And when you’re done, the projects will last for generations.
RETAIL: $26.99
Furniture in the Southern Style Furniture in the Southern Style No serious study of 18th- and 19th-century American furniture would be complete without the in-depth examination of work produced in the South that this book provides! RETAIL: $29.99
Furniture in the Southern Style CDFurniture in the Southern Style CD
On this CD, you’ll find the 27 detailed SketchUp models that were built to generate the illustrations for the book Furniture in the Southern Style.RETAIL: $19.99
The Arts & Mysteries of Hand Tools CDThe Arts & Mysteries of Hand Tools CD
On this easy-to-search and easy-to-use CD, we’ve collected the complete “Arts & Mysteries” series from author Adam Cherubini, from his first column in April 2005, to August 2009 – 31 in all! RETAIL: $19.95
Roubo Plate 11 PosterRoubo Plate 11 Poster
The detail is tremendous, and there are plenty of woodworking lessons still to be learned as we decipher Plate 11 of André Roubo’s 18th-century masterpiece “L’Art du Menuisier”.
RETAIL: $19.99
17th Century New England Carving17th Century New England Carving
First-hand examinations of oak furniture in both public and private collections provide the material on this DVD, which is done in the traditional manner from riving oak logs and working green wood with hand tools. RETAIL: $25.00
17th Century New England Carving: Carving the S-Scroll17th Century New England Carving: Carving the S-Scroll
Peter focuses specifically on the S-Scroll in this DVD and guides you through the tools, materials, layouts, and techniques involved in creating this hand-carved design element.
RETAIL: $25.00
Mechanick Exercises: Or, The Doctrine Of Handyworks Mechanick Exercises: Or, The Doctrine Of Handyworks Mechanick Exercises is as important a reference today as descriptions of early skilled trades as it was in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. RETAIL: $22.99
18th Century Hanging Cupboard Download18th Century Hanging Cupboard Download
Designed using traditional corner cupboards from the 18th-century, the scrollwork and a tombstone panel door add a stylish challenge.Furniture in the Southern Style.RETAIL: $1.99
Southern Sugar Chest DownloadSouthern Sugar Chest Download
Step-by-step photos and a detailed construction drawing show you how to recreate this timeless classic with dovetailed ends and turned legs. RETAIL: $1.99
The Best Oak Money Can't Buy DownloadThe Best Oak Money Can’t Buy Download
Riven oak may be the best oak for old-school joinery & and it comes at a (fun and rewarding) cost; your physical labor. Find out how to “split your own” in this article!
RETAIL: $1.99
Pennsylvania Blanket Chest DownloadPennsylvania Blanket Chest Download This classic piece incorporates myriad building techniques to enhance your skills – as well as a seret storage compartment. RETAIL: $1.99
Pennsylvania Spice Box Part 1 DownloadPennsylvania Spice Box Part 1 Download Choose a raised-panel door or a marquetry door (like the original) for this heirloom, 18th century spice box, which also can be used as a jewlery box. RETAIL: $1.99
Pennsylvania Spice Box Part 2 DownloadPennsylvania Spice Box Part 2 Download In this article, Glen shows readers how to make a beautiful inlay door for the spice box, using a router and a band saw.RETAIL: $1.99
Colonial Chimney Cupboard DownloadColonial Chimney Cupboard Download
A traditional face frame, mitered beading and raised-panel doors turn this simple box into a finely detailed American specimen. This article includes step photos, a cutting list, illustrations and detailed instructions. RETAIL: $1.99