Popular Woodworking Sweepstakes

Here’s where you can learn about our current and upcoming Popular Woodworking Sweepstakes. Win a woodworking tool, or win an entire woodworking workshop, and enter our Excellence Awards honoring the best woodworking projects. Follow all of our woodworking contests here.

Woodworking Sweepstakes Enter Your Best New Woodworking Projects

Winners will be announced soon.

Entries and voting are done for this year. Winners will be announced soon.

Woodworking Sweepstakes Workshop Giveaway

The annual Popular Woodworking Workshop Makeover Giveaway offers a $9,500 workshop, including woodworking machines, tables, sleds and tools from JET, Bessey and Woodpeckers. Sweepstakes ended May 31.

Learn more about this year’s winner here.

Woodworking Sweepstakes Win a Tool for Father's Day

This sweepstakes has ended. Learn more about  the prizes and winners by clicking on the logo.

This year’s annual daily woodworking giveaway leading up to Father’s Day includes a month of prizes, capped again by a JET ProShop Table Saw.