Getting Bit by the Toothed Planing Stop

I know there are people who use edge tools straight out of the box, but I can’t. I always sharpen them. So why should workbench accessories be any different? For many years I’ve been indifferent to metal planing stops. The aluminum ones are terrible for too many reasons to even get into here. The...


Four Free Woodworking Tips from Our Readers

“Tricks of the Trade” is one of the most well-liked sections in our magazine. Here are four of these reader-submitted woodworking tips from the many we published last year. Enjoy! And if you like what you see, consider a subscription to the magazine. The content is deep. You’ll learn a ton with each issue....

A Roman bench from Pompeii. Probably 50 A.D.

The First Recorded Workbench

The first time I saw an 18th-century workbench, I thought: Wow. That will never work. But then I built some of these benches (dozens, actually), and I am a huge fan of the form’s stability, simplicity and purity. So the first time I saw a Roman workbench from 50 A.D., I thought: Hmmm. That...

February 2013 Issue Popular Woodworking

2013 Issues of Popular Woodworking Magazine

February 2013 Southern Cellarette Japanese Chisels Shell, Stone & Metal Inlay A Bed for the Thorsen House Dan’s Whetstones April 2013 City Sideboard Quarter Columns Compound Dovetails A Workholding Renaissance Greene & Greene Inlay June 2013 Hannah’s Inlaid Chest Wharton Esherick The Milkman’s Workbench Chimney Cupboard Wall-mounted Server


‘Milkman’s Workbench’ Without Screws

The portable “Milkman’s Workbench” from the June 2013 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine has attracted a lot of attention, judging from the e-mail piling up in my Inbox. The No. 1 question: How can I build the bench without wooden bench screws? One answer: wedges. Reader Ilkka Sivonen of FInland built the bench without...


Build a Bench, Help a Serviceman

One of the biggest obstacles to beginning woodworkers is carving out a space to work in, and building a bench to work on. Recently, I built a pair of portable workbenches that are closely based on a now-disappeared commercial bench from the 20th century. These small-scale benches clamp to almost any surface, from a...


Make Your Own Hand tools

I’ve turned hollow mortise chisels into square punches, refashioned chisels and their handles, made a number of scratch stocks, ground steel bar stock into embossing punches and a made a few other quick tools. And I’ve built a few wooden, Krenov-style handplanes over the years – I had a fine time and wound up...


More Wooden Vise Options: Evans Wood Screw Co.

I try to stay abreast of the world of workbenches and workholding. But sometimes a place like Evans Wood Screw Co. escapes my eye. For six years, this Franklin, Ind., enterprise has been cranking out wooden vise screws for workbench builders. You can find the company at The small site offers a good...

Gramercy Holdfast

Gramercy Holdfasts-the Real Story

Way back in 2005, I wrote an article for issue #4 of Woodworking Magazine about holdfasts. At the time, very few woodworkers knew what a holdfast was, and the article reviewed available manufactured holdfasts, as well as a few blacksmith made ones. We recently put the original holdfast article online, and included a link...