October 2014 #213

Popular Woodworking Magazine October 14 Cover Any bibliophile will immediately be drawn to the traveling bookcase built by Christopher Schwarz, which is the cover project this issue. The glass doors and striking brass pulls, corner brackets and corner guards make this an eye-catching project that’s fun to build and fully functional, too; Willard Anderson provides step-by-step instructions on how to restore a “woodie” bench plane. The article focuses on “user tools” that can be restored for use in your shop; in “Breadboard Ends,” Chuck Bender shares six cross-grain strategies that are sure to keep your tabletops, desk lids and wide-panels flat and straight; Gary Rogowski’s “Illusion Cabinet” is the perfect size for many uses around your home. Plus, it’s a contemporary design that demonstrates just how easy it is to work with proportions and ratios.

If you’re in need of sawhorses for work around your shop, “The Butterfly Horse” by Don Williams is just the ticket and discover the best glue for veneer work and for any project that requires an extended open time in ”A Must-have Woodworking Glue,” by Laurie McKichan who joins us from the pages of American Woodworker.

In this month’s Tool Test, we review the ‘Ready 2 Rout’ automated fence setup that brings CNC-like accuracy to your router table, the Benchcrafted Classic leg vise and Bosch’s newest dust extractor, the VAC140A; George Walker discusses how to freehand sketch a volute in Design Matters; we welcome Peter Follansbee who takes over as our Arts & Mysteries columnist and extolls the virtues of proper lighting in the shop; and in End Grain, Gus Goodwin shares his thoughts of his friend and the tools left behind in “Inheritance.”

Plus Tricks of the Trade, reader letters and more.

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Folding Bookcase

Though not as lightweight as an eReader, this portable library is far more stylish. by Christopher Schwarz pages 24-29 Bookcases that fold up like a clamshell were common among British travelers of the 19th century. Soldiers, students, clerks and the clergy were all fond of this easy way to take a library with them...


Bench Plane Restoration

Learn five common fixes for vintage wooden tools. by Willard Anderson pages 30-35 There is a deep reverence in using a tool that has been used by generations of woodworkers, possibly traveled across the ocean, seen the Revolution and maybe been carried across the continent to help in building a new life. These tools...


Breadboard Ends

Discover six cross-grain construction strategies to help keep your tabletops and chest lids flat. by Chuck Bender pages 36-40 Cross-grain construction tends to freak out most beginning woodworkers, but it’s a viable construction method in many cases. Wide tables and chest lids often employ breadboard ends to keep things flat, as well as cover...


Illusion Cabinet

Stylish legs and a dapper door dress up a simple case piece – and help to deceive the eye. by Gary Rogowski pages 41-45 This design is inspired by a taper, but I needed to establish the right proportions to flesh the idea out. In much of my design work, I hover around the...


The Butterfly Horse

This flexible work support is a new solution to the age-old sawhorse problem. by Don Williams pages 47-50 Whether I’m working in the shop, remodeling or performing routine maintenance around the house, I am in constant need of a sturdy, lightweight worktable. The most popular one for, oh, the past 2,000 years, has been...


A Must-have Woodworking Glue

Unibond 800 is perfect for veneer work and whenever you need extra open time. by Laurie Mckichan pages 51-54 Without a doubt, yellow woodworking glue has adhered its place in the Woodworker’s Hall of Fame. But for complex joinery, veneer work and bent laminations, there is a better choice. Urea resin adhesives are an...


Gas-powered Plane-till Lid

I have a meager collection of handplanes made up of mostly dog-meat users. I like using planes that have history because it’s fun to think about what each might have made during the last 100 years. None of my planes are particularly nice, but I do want to keep them from getting destroyed. For...


‘Ready 2 Rout’ Automated Fence

Add computer power to your router table to make tasks quick and accurate. by Chuck Bender page 17 Even if modern technology frightens you, it might be worthwhile to consider the Ready 2 Rout (R2R) for your router table. This automated router fence system is as easy to use as it is to set...


BenchCrafted Classic Leg Vise

by Christopher Schwarz page 18 Until recently, workbench hardware on the market was so pitiful that you were better off looking for vintage vises and screws for your new bench. These days, however, woodworkers have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to workbench accessories. Earlier this year, Benchcrafted released its latest vise design,...