October 2008 #171

Popular Woodworking October 2008 issueThe cover project of the October 2008 issue of Popular Woodworking is a versatile new 21st-Century workbench designed and built by senior editor Robert W. Lang. Elements from historic benches makes this the ideal work-holding bench for both power and hand tool woodworkers.

Our series of articles by David Mathias continues with Greene and Greene: Details and Joinery with more never-before published photos of this incredible body of work.

Michael Dunbar lists the layout tools we all need as well as how to use them in power and hand tool applications.

Looking for a new random-orbit sander? We’ll help you choose as we test 10 sanders head-to-head.

Editor Christopher Schwarz reveals his top tricks for taming handplane tear-out.

Marc Adams continues his Woodworking Essentials series with ways to work smarter (and safer) at the table saw.

Detailed article previews are below. Online Extras for this issue are found inside their respective articles.

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Online Extras: October 2008 Issue

Online Extras for the October 2008 issue include a video of a behind-the-scenes look how a Popular Woodworking cover is shot, a video about Bob Lang's 21st Century bench, as well as where to find digital content on how to build your own, and a slide show of additional never before published photos of...


Out of the Woodwork: Et tu, Brute?

But a small cut may lead to thoughts of treason. By Jeff Skiver Page: 88 From the October 2008 issue #171 Buy this issue now I already have more lumber than I can use. However, I cannot seem to resist acquiring new trophy pieces. My dilemma comes from the fact I do not feel...


Flexner on Finishing: Shellac and Sealing Wood

Clearing up the confusion. By Bob Flexner Pages: 84-85 From the October 2008 issue #171 Buy this issue now Shellac was once the most widely used wood finish in the world. Now it’s commonly promoted in woodworking magazines as a sealer, often as the “best” or “universal” sealer, even though virtually no cabinet shop...


The Wood Whisperer: My Favorite Power Tool Accessories

Hand tools complement and complete work begun with power equipment. By Marc Spagnuolo Pages: 78-79 From the October 2008 issue #171 Buy this issue now Most folks I talk with in the woodworking hobby seem to follow a similar path. They start out by emulating what they see on television, which is of course,...


Greene & Greene: Details and Joinery

Looking beyond the surface of Arts & Crafts furniture masterpieces. By David Mathias & Robert W. Lang Pages: 71-76 From the October 2008 issue #171 Buy this issue now Everyone is familiar with some variation of the following wisdom: “The more you learn, the more there is to learn.” It’s probably very close to...


Taming Handplane Tear-Out

One of the biggest frustrations is when the grain tears out instead of slicing clean. Conventional wisdom has some solutions, but some of them might not help. By Christopher Schwarz Pages: 64-69 From the October 2008 issue #171 Buy this issue now Nothing in handplaning is more frustrating than tear-out – which is when...


Random-Orbit Sanders

These mid-size sanders take on the brunt of our sanding chores. Find out what sets them apart. By Glen D. Huey Pages: 58-63 From the October 2008 issue #171 Buy this issue now As we prepared to test random-orbit sanders, we considered the vast number of tools available. In order to make the test...


Layout Tools

Whether you do hand or machine work, these layout tools are indespensable. By Michael Dunbar Pages: 52-57 From the October 2008 issue #171 Buy this issue now Layout tools are woodworking’s widows and orphans. The work they do seems pretty mundane, so we woodworkers tend to focus our attention and our expenditures on the...


Woodworking Essentials: Table Saws

A Better Way to Work: Part 7 By Marc Adams Pages: 45-51 From the October 2008 issue #171 Buy this issue now It is estimated that nearly 80 percent of all woodworking requires some type of sawing. The power, accuracy and control of the table saw has made the process of sawing wood a...