October 2007 #164

Popular Woodworking October 2007 issueIn the October 2007 issue of Popular Woodworking, find out how to dress a board using a handplane so it’s flatter than a machine can achieve. David Charlesworth shows you how.

Frank Klausz builds a Ruhlmann-style poker table.

Senior Editor Robert W. Lang builds a miter saw stand that actually makes sense.

John Wilson shows you how to make your own spokeshave (including the metalwork).

Ted Brown shows you how to design your projects using MDF and a glue gun.

As always, there’s lots of stuff from the regulars: Adam Cherubini dovetails drawers in the old style, Judy Ditmer shows you how to turn new tool handles and Bob Flexner explains sanding in a way that makes sense.

Detailed article previews are below. Online Extras for this issue are found in their respective articles.


Precision Hand Planing

Use a curved blade in a handplane to make boards with truly flat faces and dead-straight edges. By David Charlesworth Pages: 54-59 From the October 2007 issue #164 Buy this issue now I described my method for curved plane blade sharpening in an article titled “Learning Curves” in the August 2005 issue (#149). You...


A Better Miter Saw Stand

Is it the saw or where the saw lives that increases your accuracy? By Robert W. Lang Pages: 38-44 From the October 2007 issue #164 Buy this issue now There are two types of miter saws. The first can be a mainstay in the woodshop, dependably making accurate crosscuts day in and day out....


Silverware Tray

Hone your hand skills with a project that has low risks but high rewards. By Christopher Schwarz Pages: 36-37 From the October 2007 issue #164 Buy this issue now Trying something new in the shop can be, well, trying. Once I get comfortable with one technique to make a joint, I am loathe to...


Tool Test: Two New DVDs for Turners

By Robert W. Lang Page 33 From the October 2007 issue #164 Buy this issue now “Turned Bowls Made Easy” and “Beyond the Basic Bowl” are instructional DVDs from Pennsylvania wood turner Bill Grumbine. Grumbine is a “regular” guy, not a slick television personality, and he knows his stuff. From the October 2007 issue...


Tool Test: Lie-Nielsen Large Router Plane

By Christopher Schwarz Page: 33 From the October 2007 issue #164 Buy this issue now Router planes are one of those tools that you never knew was missing from your toolbox. Once you’ve cleaned up a dado, adjusted a tenon or made a hinge mortise with a router plane, I think you’ll wonder why...


Tool Test: CMT Dado Pro Makes the Cut

By Glen D. Huey Page: 32 From the October 2007 issue #164 Buy this issue now Mention dado stacks and my mind wanders back to the set I used as a youngster. The blades were a larger diameter than the chippers. Yuk! However, the 8″ dado set from CMT, the Dado Pro, pushes that...


Tool Test: Dispoz-A-Blade Cutters

By Robert W. Lang Page: 32 From the October 2007 issue #164 Buy this issue now Changing planer knives is on the same list of jobs I hate to do as digging a hole or fixing a roof. I put it off until I absolutely have to do it, and when I do get...


Tool Test: 18v Ridgid Li-ion Drill

By Glen D. Huey Page: 31 From the October 2007 issue #164 Buy this issue now The 18-volt lithium-ion drill (model R86006), the latest release from Ridgid, has the components that make the tool worthy of  purchase. The package includes the drill, two batteries that are each 1.5 amp-hour rated, a 30-minute charger and...