November 2013 #207

Popular Woodworking Magazine November 13 Cover In “Fixed-width Panel Raiser,” the cover story for the November 2013 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine, Willard (Bill) Anderson builds a specialized handplane to raise panels. It’s a study in accurate layout with an understanding of angles, and the results are a shop-made plane that works great and stands the test of time. In “Woodworking Excellence,” get inspired by the winners in our inaugural woodworking competition.

Christopher Schwarz, in “6-board Chest,” builds an historic form that defies cross-grain construction, and he explains how to use your boards to dictate the chest size – plus you’ll learn what nails to use for what wood. Get to know finish expert Brian Miller, whose focus on Greene & Greene restoration has opened many doors in “A Finishing Passion,” by Marci Crestani. Senior Editor Charles “Chuck” Bender shares his “Five Favorite Jigs” to make work in the shop easier and far more accurate. Learn more about Peter Follansbee and how he connected with the Plimoth Plantation in “A 17th-century Joiner’s Life,” by Christopher Schwarz.

In this month’s Tool Test, we review a solidly built, smooth operating router lift setup in “Excalibur Deluxe Router Table Kit,” as well as the “Veritas Shooting Plane” and the “Eco-series Spray System by ASI-HVLP.”

In this month’s Design Matters, learn how storage items help with design in “Portable Drafting Table,” from George R. Walker. Robert W. Lang shares his techniques for perfect square holes from a “Hollow-chisel Mortiser” in Woodworking Essentials. Bob Flexner eases the task of sanding when he debunks “Fine Sanding Myths,” in Flexner on Finishing. Finally, in End Grain, Brian Boggs explains that one of the best sources to learn woodworking is on your workbench in “Myth of the Self-taught Craftsman.”


Fixed-width Panel Raiser

Build a plane that cuts smooth and crisp raised panels with, against or across the grain – the magic is in the spring and skew. by Willard Anderson pages 24-31 Buy this issue now Panel-raising planes are used to shape the raised panels in doors, paneling and lids. The profile has a fillet that defines the field...

Autumn Doucet, Figured Cherry Chest

Woodworking Excellence

Find inspiration in this award-winning work of your fellow readers. by Megan Fitzpatrick pages 32-38 Buy this issue now As a mechanism to show off the amazing work done by you, our readers, this year we held our inaugural “PWM Excellence Awards.” Via social media, we invited submissions in five categories: Boxes & Smalls, Seating, Tables, Cabinets...


6-Board Chest

Use two planks, two days and two piles of nails to make this age-old form. by Christopher Schwarz pages 39-43 Buy this issue now Six-board chests have been an enduring form of furniture in Western cultures for hundreds of years. And while they differ in their details during different ages, the basic form and the way it...


A Finishing Passion

Brian Miller is the ‘Go To’ guy for Greene & Greene finishes. by Marci Crestani pages 44-47 Buy this issue now Even non-woodworkers instinctively recognize that a handsome creation can be cheapened by inadequate finishing skills. So it was understandable that the new owners of Charles and Henry Greene’s famed Blacker House – Harvey and Ellen Knell...


5 Favorite Jigs

These five simple shop aids help you work more effectively & efficiently. by Chuck Bender pages 48-51 Buy this issue now Every woodworker eventually runs into problems that just cannot be easily solved using hand tools or power tools with the stock accessories. That’s when jigs and fixtures such as shooting boards and table saw sleds bridge...


A 17th-century Joiner’s Life

Peter Follansbee has devoted his career to furniture from early American. by Christopher Schwarz pages 52-55 Buy this issue now Peter Follansbee, the joiner at Plimoth Plantation, gets peppered with questions from museum visitors all day long as he builds 17th-century boxes, stools, chests and chairs at the re-created colony of the early English settlement in Plymouth,...


Tool Test: Excalibur Deluxe Router Table Kit

Four corner-positioned lift screws raise this design above the competition. by Glen D. Huey page 14 Buy this issue now The Excalibur Deluxe Router Table Kit (#40-200) from General International is a complete shop setup that was introduced in late 2012. In adding the kit to our shop, we were reminded of its outstanding features. Video: See how...


Veritas Shooting Plane

by Charles Bender page 16 Buy this issue now Just as with all the planes Veritas produces, its shooting plane is sleek, well thought-out and ready to tackle the toughest jobs. With a weight of 7.7 pounds, the Veritas shooting plane gathers momentum quickly and slices through the end grain of even the most rock-hard exotics. But...


Eco Series Spray Systems by ASI-HVLP

by Glen D. Huey page 16 Buy this issue now The name ASI-HVLP may be new to you, but when you discover that the company behind this new brand is, in fact, Apollo Sprayers (which is credited with bringing HVLP to the amateur woodworker market) all questions are answered. The Eco series – designed specifically for small...