November 2008 #172

Popular Woodworking November 2008 issueThe November 2008 issue of Popular Woodworking features dirt-simple router jigs designed and built by senior editor Glen D. Huey. He shows you his 11 best no-frills router jigs and techniques.

Our series of articles by Robert W. Lang and David Mathias continues with Everyday Greene & Greene where we take a tour of the non-public spaces of 10 Greene & Greene homes.

Frank Klausz shows us the bowsaw basics.

With just five tools and a little practice, Senior Editor Glen D. Huey will help you with your first fan carving.

Marc Adams helps you avoid kickback at the table saw.

We learn that when copying famous furniture, imitation could be illegal.

Detailed article previews are below.

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Avoiding Table Saw Kickback

The fundamental rules (and devices) to keep you clear of danger at your saw. By Marc Adams Pages: 63-65 From the November 2008 issue #172 Buy this issue now I once heard that 90 percent (or more) of all table saw accidents involve some type of kickback, where the work flies back at the...


First Fan Carving

It takes five tools to enhance the design of any project with a carved fan. We show you the tools and tricks to get it right the first time. By Glen D. Huey Pages: 58-62 From the November 2008 issue #172 Buy this issue now Study the furniture built prior to the Queen Anne...


Colonial-Era Plate Rack

Although this project uses 40 feet of moulding, it’s quite simple to make. By Kerry Pierce Pages: 53-57 From the November 2008 issue #172 Buy this issue now My wife and I recently attended our niece’s wedding in Ft. Wayne, Ind. We realized after checking into the hotel that we had several hours to...


Bowsaw Basics

An ancient European tool that still has a place in the modern American shop. By Frank Klausz Pages: 42-44 From the November 2008 issue #172 Buy this issue now Why should you own a bowsaw? Why not? You have many other tools that you use only when you need them. Seriously, if you make...


Dirt-simple Router Jigs

Improve your router techniques with simple, shop-made jigs that are easy to use and just as simple to build. By Glen D. Huey Pages: 36-41 From the November 2008 issue #172 Buy this issue now I’m a power-tool woodworker. Sure I use hand tools for some parts of furniture building, specifically when cutting dovetails....


Tool Test: Dual-disc Sander Reduces Vibration

By Glen D. Huey Page: 34 From the November 2008 issue #172 Buy this issue now In the previous issue of Popular Woodworking ( #171), we reviewed variable-speed random-orbit sanders. We had this 5″-diameter Craftsman Professional Vibrafree sander (# 25927) prior to testing, but this is a single-speed tool (12,000 orbits per minute), and...


Tool Test: Handmade Hamilton Marking Gauges

By Christopher Schwarz Page: 32 From the November 2008 issue #172 Buy this issue now Traditional marking gauges look good to the eye, but they don’t always fit comfortably in your hand. Two marking gauges by Hamilton Woodworks are shaped so you can lay a precise line with ease – your finger pressure goes...