November 2006 #158

Popular Woodworking November 2006 issueThe cover story for the November 2006 issue of Popular Woodworking is our exclusive test of six 14″ steel frame band saws. This new style saw is versatile and affordable. Find out which ones stand up to the challenge of resawing.

In our Woodworking Essentials: Setting up Shop series, we show you how to plan ahead to get the best lighting and the right power to your machinery.

We preview some exciting new tools we saw at IWF in Atlanta and test new routers.

Adam Cherubini investigates period sharpening in Arts & Mysteries.

Glen Huey presents the right way to prepare rough lumber.

Troy Sexton shares his years of experience and shows you the simple sanding steps he uses to acheive a fantastic finish.

Our featured project is a reproduction of an extremely rare Gustav Stickley side table.

Detailed article previews are below. Online extras can be found here.

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Out of the Woodwork: Grumpy Old Men

When properly trained, curmudgeons have many uses. By Peter Sieling Page: 96 From the November 2006 issue #158 Buy this issue now It’s easier to care for exotic pets than grumpy old men. You try to keep them in a safe, climate-controlled environment, but given a chance they’ll stray into the woods with a...


Flexner on Finishing: Making Sense of Dyes

Don’t allow the packaging to cause you confusion. By Bob Flexner Pages: 90-93 From the November 2006 issue #158 Buy this issue now When I opened my furniture making and restoration shop 30 years ago, there were two types of dye in wide use. I made great use of both, but for different situations....


Great Woodshops: Modernica

21st-century beauty from Baltic birch and bent lamination. by John Hutchinson Pages: 76-82 From the November 2006 issue #158 Buy this issue now As I looked at the “Modern” furniture coming to life in the Modernica workshops of brothers Frank and Jay Novak in Los Angeles, Calif., I couldn’t help comparing it to the...


The Right Way to Prepare Lumber

To true your wood with machines, the steps you follow are critical. This time-tested procedure is the best way we know of. By Glen D. Huey Pages: 70-74 From the November 2006 issue #158 Buy this issue now I get to meet many woodworkers around the country at woodworking schools, seminars and while answering...


Woodworking Essentials: Setting Up Shop – Lighting & Power

By Bill Stankus Pages: 45-52 From the November 2006 issue #158 Buy this issue now When the workshop has proper lighting, sufficient electrical power and plenty of outlets it is a safer and better work environment. Whether you are building a new free-standing shop or adapting a garage or basement for your woodshop, determining...


New Tool Alert

A quick look at some of the best new tools we saw in Atlanta. By Christopher Schwarz Pages: 68-69 From the November 2006 issue #158 Buy this issue now It isn’t every day that you see a new tool company appear out of nowhere with a complete line of high-quality woodworking machines, but that’s...


Superior & Speedy Sanding

How to get the maximum results in the minimum amount of time: A slightly unorthodox approach from a 23-year cabinetshop veteran. By Troy Sexton Pages: 62-67 From the November 2006 issue #158 Buy this issue now The difference between a project that looks OK and a project that looks stunning is the finish. And...


The Lost Stickley Table

A one-of-a-kind table reappears after 100 years. By Robert W. Lang Pages: 56-61 From the November 2006 issue #158 Buy this issue now Most original Gustav Stickley furniture can be easily identified by model number. This was, after all, factory-made furniture and pieces were designed to be made in multiples. When you come across...


Refining the Edge

A master class in honing carving tools. By David Calvo Pages: 53-55 From the November 2006 issue #158 Buy this issue now In the last issue, we looked at a basic set of carving tools and how to refine the shapes with grinding. In this article, we’ll take a look at getting the edges...