November 2005 #151

Popular Woodworking November 2005The cover of the November 2005 issue of Popular Woodworking features a cherry tall chest. Learn how to build this fine casework from Lonnie Bird.

Visit the Anthony Hay Cabinet Shop in Colonial Williamsburg.

We give you a preview of new tools from the Las Vegas AWFS show.

Lasers are appearing on all sorts of tools. We tell you which ones are good ideas and which ones are just gimmicks.

A Gustav Stickley bridal chest is reproduced in an unusual combination of woods.

Bob Flexner explains the basics of wiping varnish. Learn how to identify it, use it and make your own.

Our Woodworking Essentials supplement continues with Casework Construction: Wood Selection and Prep.

Techniques for glazed cabinet doors.

Find plenty more helpful information and tool reviews.

Detailed article previews are below. Online extras can be found here.

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The Anthony Hay Cabinet Shop

A look at Williamsburg’s period shop through the eyes of a passionate hand-tool woodworker. By Adam Cherubini Pages: 66-69 From the November 2005 issue #151 Buy this issue now Last year I visited Colonial Williamsburg’s The Cabinetmaker Shop for the first time in 25 years. It was a real treat for me. Woodworkers get...


Tall Chest: Carcase Construction

Building fine furniture is challenging, but never impossible. Learn the techniques necessary for efficiently building any casework. By Lonnie Bird Pages: 58-65 From the November 2005 issue #151 Buy this issue now If you’ve never tried your hand at building a chest of drawers but you’ve built several projects with success, the simple tall...


The Essential Awl

Designed for piercing wood and laying out marks, some awls are better than others. Learn which ones are best suited to your style of work. By Paul Sellers Pages: 44-48 From the November 2005 issue #151 Buy this issue now Many tools seen for the first time express their full function by their very...


Arts & Mysteries: The Plane My Brother Is

How (and why) you should use the broad hatchet in the modern shop. By Adam Cherubini Pages: 40-42 From the November 2005 issue #151 Buy this issue now Estate inventories of cabinetmakers’ shops often include hatchets. Likewise, most of the admittedly few images of period shops depict hatchets prominently. It could well be that...


Endurance Test: Jet 14″ Band Saw

You can buy this machine with a variety of features, but what’s critical is that Jet got the basics just right. By Christopher Schwarz Page: 38 From the November 2005 issue #151 Buy this issue now When I purchased a Jet 14″ band saw four years ago it was an amazing deal. The saw...


Tool Test: DeWalt’s New 5″ Random-orbit Sander

By David Thiel Page: 36 From the November 2005 issue #151 Buy this issue now Random-orbit sanders have made my woodworking career a much happier thing. And each year there are improvements to the basic concept that make them even better. The newest 5″ orbiter from DeWalt has beefed up the power some and...