Ever since the dawn of the Bronze Age, woodworking has been about more than just wood – even if that’s the material we drool over the heaviest. Most furniture put together, with a few exceptions, uses hardware of some kind in the construction. The best wooden furniture, of course, only uses the best woodworking hardware. Use our resources to find the best hardware appropriate to the woodworking project under construction in your shop. From reviews to installation techniques, we have everything you need and more.

Flush pulls. Heavy and awesome.

Hardware for the Campaign Chest – Complete

After much searching, purchasing and examination I settled on a suite of hardware for the Campaign Chest I’m building for Popular Woodworking Magazine. The hardware arrived this week, and I could not be more pleased. While hardware is always one of the most important aspects to a piece of furniture, it is even more...


Campaign Hardware from Whitechapel Ltd.

One of the hardware vendors that is always on my short list is Whitechapel Ltd., which offers a lot of quality, hard-to-find pieces. So after some digging through the company’s catalog and web site, I purchased some samples of campaign-style hardware to take a look. Overall, these English-made brasses are excellent. The pulls are...


Hardware Review: Ansaldi & Sons Campaign Hardware

While Horton Brasses has agreed to produce some custom pieces of campaign hardware for the chest/secretary I’m building for Popular Woodworking Magazine, that doesn’t squelch my desire to see what other makers have on offer. So I ordered a load of campaign brasses from Ansaldi & Sons of Hudson, N.H. The company has a...


A Little More on the Fork

After posting this story about the campaign-style fork and knife, I got an e-mail from woodworking researcher extraordinaire Jeff Burks. Burks, a trade carpenter, is a voracious collector of books, magazines and journals relating to woodworking. He also spends a lot of time researching patents related to tools and the trade. Which brings us...


Campaign Furniture Hardware from Horton Brasses

I’ve made the following statement at least a dozen times in strategy meetings, classrooms and beer halls: Someone should review furniture hardware. After all, if the hardware stinks, I think the furniture piece as a whole is diminished. I obsess about hardware, and I have a huge bin of it in my shop, mostly...