June 2008 #169

Popular Woodworking June 2008 issueA tiger maple slipper-foot tea table graces our cover of the June 2008 issue of Popular Woodworking. Senior Editor Glen Huey shows simple methods to make the solid joints at the core of this elegant project.

Mark Adams continues his series on A Better Way to Work with tips and techniques for the band saw.

Go beyond the basics with Michael Dunbar and discover the best methods in Planecraft: Jointer & Block Planes.

Editor Christopher Schwarz explains the three things you need to build furniture without a shop.

Our I Can Do That project is a CD rack that takes the mystery out of mitering.

We build an Asian-influenced Jatoba bench and show you the steps we took.

Save some money and do better work at the same time by brazing your own band saw blades.

Travel back to the 18th-century and learn the Arts & Mysteries of chairmaking with Adam Cherubini.

Tool Test explores a new compact drill, cool new drill chucks and some excellent chisels.

Great Workshops visits a school that teaches old-time skills for a modern purpose.

Bob Flexner lays out the Rules to Finish By.

Detailed article previews are below. Online Extras for this issue are found in their respective articles.

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Planecraft, Part II: Jointer & Block Planes

Jointer and block planes – and beyond the basics. By Michael Dunbar Pages: 56-60 From the June 2008 issue #169 Buy this issue now In the first part of my article on bench planes (April 2008 Popular Woodworking, issue #168), I discussed the historic versatility of bench planes, and explained how to use a...


Jatoba Bench

Ebony spacers and plugs add visual interest to this indoor-outdoor design. By Bert Johansen Pages: 49-55 From the June 2008 issue #169 Buy this issue now My lovely wife asked me to build a bench for our entry hall. After considering the intended space – which consists of an 11′ wall – I initially...


Woodworking Essentials: Band Saws

A Better Way to Work: Part 5 By Marc Adams Pages: 43-48 From the June 2008 issue #169 Buy this issue now I once toured a very large custom cabinetmaking shop and noticed that they had no band saws. When I asked the owner what his reason was for not having one of these...


A Tailored Tea Table

A graceful slipper-footed design enhanced with additional period details. By Glen D. Huey Pages: 34-42 From the June 2008 issue #169 Buy this issue now In Colonial America, prior to Paul Revere’s famous midnight ride, colonists adopted many of the lifestyles of English citizens. One such behavior was afternoon tea. Of course, you couldn’t...


Tool Test: Milwaukee Compact Driver

By Robert W. Lang Page: 32 From the June 2008 issue #169 Buy this issue now Milwaukee has long been a top choice for drills, and this compact 12-volt Lithium-ion driver continues that tradition of excellence. This new battery technology allows for more power in a small, easy-to-handle lightweight tool. This little guy performs...


Tool Test: Blue Spruce Paring Chisels Approach Perfection

By Christopher Schwarz Page: 32 From the June 2008 issue #169 Buy this issue now Paring chisels were once a common and important part of a woodworker’s tool kit, but nowadays few manufacturers make them anymore and even fewer make them well. The problem with all paring chisels is that they are difficult to...


Tool Test: Get a (Soft) Grip on Drill Chucks

Jacobs Chuck’s SoftGrip-series of chucks increase hand torque to make drill-bit slippage obsolete. By Christopher Schwarz Page: 30 From the June 2008 issue #169 Buy this issue now Like most woodworkers, we here at Popular Woodworking are fond of our cordless drill/drivers. So when two officials from Jacobs Chuck Manufacturing Co. showed us a...